MONDAY TALKS on Functional Medicine

Have you heard about Functional Medicine yet? Do you know why most of the web searches about chronic disease (autoimmune disease, rheumatic spectrum disorders, irritable bowel and other gut related issues, etc.) involve terms like this or Functional Nutrition? Because Functional Medicine practitioners focus on treating the patient instead and digging up the root cause of their health problems.

In our series of educational events for patients and interested people we are trying to show how your diet and lifestyle as well as environmental factors are part of your picture. We are confident to trigger some thought and hopefully motivate to make a sustainable change wi you, showing you the way to better health. Please find below a list of topics we intend to cover in the first quarter this year.

At all presentations a healthcare professional from our practice will be present and very happy to engage in conversation and help answering the questions you might have.

The New Face Of Autoimmunity – The Microbiome Edition

Dr. Kristine Gedroic MD explains why our knowledge of the microbiome should start to change the way doctors treat their patients.

Monday, 6th February, 18:00-19:30

3rd Floor, The Point (Checker’s Centre)

The Canary in the Coal Mine: How the Thyroid Evolved as a Signal for Alarm

Functional Medicine specialist, Dr. Stephanie Daniel, presents “The Canary in the Coal Mine: How the Thyroid Evolved as a Signal for Alarm.” on the April 2016 Functional Forum.

Monday, 20th February, 18:00-19:30

3rd Floor, The Point (Checker’s Centre)

Dr Bob Rountree: Detoxification: Passing Fad or Eminent Threat At the Denver forum from July 2014, Dr. Bob Rountree gave an epic presentation on detoxification. He is a leader in the field and a great speaker!

Covering topics like the toxic exposure in our environment to Glyphosphate, mercury, GMO, Bisphenol A and the like, how our health is effected by this and what to do about it.

Monday, 6th March, 18:00-19:30

3rd Floor, The Point (Checker’s Centre)

The Body Doesn’t Lie: The Truth About Structure and Function: Lillie Rosenthal, D.O.

Lillie Rosenthal (Doctor of Osteopathy) convinced the audience during the April 2015 Functional Forum that the body doesn’t lie.

Monday, 20th March, 18:00-19:30

3rd Floor, The Point (Checker’s Centre)


Please note that we might change the order of topics covered slightly because of special circumstances.

Study on Carb Addiction Enrolling Participants

#TastingHappiness DonutWe are enrolling participants in our study on carb addiction. Attention fellow Whole30 and LCHF fans, Paleo, Banting and Keto-Warriors of the Cape, you can become the proof of the pudding with our help!

As you probably imagined already, Nutrition is a constant topic in our house and we like to look at it from a few different angles.Ann my wife and Liefie is currently doing her Masters Thesis in Neuro Psychology and guess what: our plates are at the centre and what we’re trying to prove is that the gut-brain connection does really exist and is at the core of (even) psychological disease.
I will just post a short introduction here and leave the rest to the .PDF (Participant questionnaire and info), should you be curious or even dare to participate. All you need to do, is follow a closely guided Whole30 (again?!) and fill out a questionnaire before and after. We will help recording your status quo before and after by taking a few measurements.
Easy as pie!
aka: the ‘Tasting Happiness Study’ or #TastingHappiness Study

Exploring the efficacy of nutritional intervention (LCHF diet – low carb & high fat diet) to improve the ability of self-control and regulation in carbohydrate-addiction, curbing addictive behaviour while facilitating positive physical and mental health.

“This paper proposes a ‘treatment option’ (and possible diagnostic measure) concerning carbohydrate addiction, which I believe to be the core element of not only physiological stress on our organism as a whole, but also of detrimental psychological consequence. Stress leads to a systemic communication breakdown which we call disease. What if we knew that a main stress factor could be alleviated by nutritional intervention as opposed to a lifelong prescription of costly drugs and a still ‘untimely’ death?” (Ann Kistenmacher in her Study Aim & Motivation)
Call us to arrange an info and intro session for a small group at:
We will explain the reasoning and what the study of carb addiciton practically entails. Basically every self-confessed carb-addict can participate after the status quo (Day 0) is recorded and the intake questionnaire is filled.
Participants can attend a #WalkAndTalk once a week and are invited to participate in a #TastingHappiness FB Support Group (by invitation only).
You may of course share with your #SweetToothed friends and people you think would survive a little challenge like this. Afterwards you might want to join my alumni group #CarbAddictNonAnonymous and tell others how easy it actually is to handle carb addiction after you have survived the first 7-14 days and stayed strong to finish the Whole30 challenge.
Chat soon

Nutritional Interventions in Autoimmune Diseases

I was looking forward to this talk for quite a while now. It has been postponed twice during the last year until it was finally been set to happen today. Funnily it fell onto the same day that I embarked on a whole new journey, becoming a student of Integrative Medicine and meeting my tutors and fellow students this morning… quite an awkward feeling – sitting in a classroom again, I can tell you, and a day full of humble flash-backs, insightful visions and profound encounters with like minded people, promising to share eclectic knowledge with one another. Surely this blog will see more content sparked by the idea of a greater picture of health and healing.

Today I will stick to loading up the slides from the talk about Nutritional Interventions in Autoimmune Diseases this morning. I was invited by Dr Otto Thaning on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital Academic Programme. Every Thursday morning healthcare professionals attend CME talks in the hospitals staff canteen with an amazing variety of quality speakers of all specialties. Please contact Otto Thaning directly to receive more information or to be put on the mailing list.

The talk focused on “Nutritional Interventions in Autoimmune Diseases (AD)”, the subject being hotly debated and fast progressions taking place. Established guidelines incorporate these findings increasingly as the topic gains prominence in disease prevention/ modification and are of interest to any healthcare professional.

The presentation includes:
– A brief overview of the prevalence and cost of AD,
– Problems with current treatment approaches,
– A short overview of the genesis of AD
– The role our environment (incl. our food) plays
– Finally a solution suggesting an oligoantigenic elimination diet
– A “Paleo Autoimmune Protocol” is proposed and some clinical practice insights are given.

Thanks very much to everybody who attended the talk. I am looking forward to receive your questions, concerns and feedback!

Please let me know should you be interested in any of the topics mentioned in this presentation or anywhere else on this blog. I am happy to speak and engage with any group and regularly speak to healthcare professionals, corporates, special interest groups and the lay public.