Study on Carb Addiction Enrolling Participants

#TastingHappiness DonutWe are enrolling participants in our study on carb addiction. Attention fellow Whole30 and LCHF fans, Paleo, Banting and Keto-Warriors of the Cape, you can become the proof of the pudding with our help!

As you probably imagined already, Nutrition is a constant topic in our house and we like to look at it from a few different angles.Ann my wife and Liefie is currently doing her Masters Thesis in Neuro Psychology and guess what: our plates are at the centre and what we’re trying to prove is that the gut-brain connection does really exist and is at the core of (even) psychological disease.
I will just post a short introduction here and leave the rest to the .PDF (Participant questionnaire and info), should you be curious or even dare to participate. All you need to do, is follow a closely guided Whole30 (again?!) and fill out a questionnaire before and after. We will help recording your status quo before and after by taking a few measurements.
Easy as pie!
aka: the ‘Tasting Happiness Study’ or #TastingHappiness Study

Exploring the efficacy of nutritional intervention (LCHF diet – low carb & high fat diet) to improve the ability of self-control and regulation in carbohydrate-addiction, curbing addictive behaviour while facilitating positive physical and mental health.

“This paper proposes a ‘treatment option’ (and possible diagnostic measure) concerning carbohydrate addiction, which I believe to be the core element of not only physiological stress on our organism as a whole, but also of detrimental psychological consequence. Stress leads to a systemic communication breakdown which we call disease. What if we knew that a main stress factor could be alleviated by nutritional intervention as opposed to a lifelong prescription of costly drugs and a still ‘untimely’ death?” (Ann Kistenmacher in her Study Aim & Motivation)
Call us to arrange an info and intro session for a small group at:
We will explain the reasoning and what the study of carb addiciton practically entails. Basically every self-confessed carb-addict can participate after the status quo (Day 0) is recorded and the intake questionnaire is filled.
Participants can attend a #WalkAndTalk once a week and are invited to participate in a #TastingHappiness FB Support Group (by invitation only).
You may of course share with your #SweetToothed friends and people you think would survive a little challenge like this. Afterwards you might want to join my alumni group #CarbAddictNonAnonymous and tell others how easy it actually is to handle carb addiction after you have survived the first 7-14 days and stayed strong to finish the Whole30 challenge.
Chat soon

10kg of Artichokes – a Lesson in Patience

I am such a lucky swine. Wendy who was attending an info night on last week nonchalantly told me the story about poor Luther and his dilemma with the Hearts of the Gods. The poor okie decided to try something new in on his fertile soil up the coast, got a batch of cynara cardunculus seeds (globe artichokes) and is now that they are in season facing the problem not only to harvest a ton of them every day but to get rid of them in a country, where artichokes are relatively new on the menu.

Cholesterol Denialists do not Eat Eggwhite Omeletts

Reading the newspaper and following tweets, I found last weeks news extremely exciting and have come to believe that I was meant to write this looong, overdue blog post about chocolesterol. It began with me attending a lecture offering CME (continued medical education) points, listening to one of the signees of THE letter sent to the Cape Times earlier this month (September 14, 2012): Bottom line: according to the writer, every diabetic should be on a by now low cost statin (cholesterol lowering drugs) – regardless, while the aim of the therapy should be to decrease the ‘bad LDL cholesterol’ below a ridiculously minute number. Not a single word was lost on ‘lifestyle changes’ like nutrition, exercise, sleep or smoking cessation.

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Lunch Bar 2

Often moms and dads looking for gluten or grain-free alternatives ask us what to include in their kids lunch boxes. In a recent blog post for CapeTownKids we explained Why the Lunch Bar shouldn’t be in the Lunchbox. 

It’s time to use some common sense.. non – fortified, added,
pasteurised, aromatised, colourised and flavourised. Good old
vegetables, fruit , meat, nuts and full fat dairy products are nothing
to be afraid or be ashamed of when having it in the lunchbox.

Especially if your kids suffer from allergies, asthma or eczema we strongly recommend you begin adapting a Paleo lifestyle according to ThinkFood00 (avoiding grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, processed foods and all chemicals). 
This post should give you