Nutritional Interventions in Autoimmune Diseases from Christoph Lenz on Vimeo.
The talk focused on “Nutritional Interventions in Autoimmune Diseases (AD)”, the subject being hotly debated and fast progressions taking place. Established guidelines incorporate these findings increasingly as the topic gains prominence in disease prevention/ modification and are of interest to any healthcare professional.

The presentation includes:
– A brief overview of the prevalence and cost of AD,
– Problems with current treatment approaches,
– A short overview of the genesis of AD
– The role our environment (incl. our food) plays
– Finally a solution suggesting an oligoantigenic elimination diet
– A “Paleo Autoimmune Protocol” is proposed and some clinical practice insights are given.

Thanks very much to everybody who attended the talk. I am looking forward to receive your questions, concerns and feedback!

Please let me know should you be interested in any of the topics mentioned in this presentation or anywhere else on this blog. I am happy to speak and engage with any group and regularly speak to healthcare professionals, corporates, special interest groups and the lay public.

ThinkFood Paradigmen-Wechsel bei Ernährungsempfehlungen from Christoph Lenz on Vimeo.
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Gesunder Menschenverstand im Dschungel der fettarmen Pyramiden und vollwertigen Ernährungskreise. Was hat es auf sich mit Low Carb, Glykämischer Last und BMI? Wieviele Mahlzeiten und Snacks sollen es denn sein? Wo sind wir gelandet mit fettarm und Vollkorn? Warum macht der Fortschritt unser Gesundheitssystem nicht günstiger? Woher kommen die neuerlichen Erfolge bei der Behandlung von Autoimmunerkrankungen? Wie eine langfristige Änderung des Lebensstils gar nicht so schwer und unüberwindbar ist.


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