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30 days of Whole30 recipes by the best Bloggers

Finding inspiration to prepare for your Whole30 should be easy. Just google #whole30 and you the search will return an abundance of results. Most of them should give you good examples to follow and you will quickly fall in love with some of our bloggers. Please stay tuned and come back occasionally as I will keep adding links to #whole30 approved recipes that do make sense from my professional point of view. If you are after ‘paleofied’ treats with honey or coconutblossomsugar… you are at the wrong sites. We don’t fancy sugar in any way but >85% dark chocolate.

My favourite blog star is Michelle of Nom Nom Paleo and she probably has one of the most popular 30 day compilations of whole30 recipes on her blog. She actually lists two or more of her whole30 interpretations if you scroll further down.

Let me know which one is your favourite!

Guten Appetit

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