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Character trees – Season’s greetings

Character tree. Love you mum!

As opposed to a lot of you who have had the main festivities of the year already, Happy Hanukkah! I am constantly reminded of (by now) Christianity’s biggest marketing event calling me to get prepared. Although I have developed a red/green intolerance over the years living in a European Winterwunderland, where”Jingle Bells” and “Last Christmas” hit the shops every year right after the gruesome orange Halloween pumpkins – I still end up hunting down Christmas presents at the very last minute. I hope you don’t suffer the same fate! Here comes a bit of advertising from my side, so bear with me. And its only the next paragraph, so do read on… And it’s practically for your own good….

Park your hubby and your kids off at the ThinkFood Testkitchen

Need a plan to get some shopping time off for yourself? Combine your Xmas shopping with a visit to the new Market on the Wharf, dropping off the kids at one of our workshops at theThinkFoodTestkitchen. Hosted for every age, they are all about having fun in the kitchen, loosing inhibitions about food or cooking and learning a few secrets – you WILL turn that rabbit food into a salad!
To make it worth your money and give you enough time to shop husband/wife/kid/grandma-free..;), the workshops span over 3 hours (2 hours for the younger kids). You will learn a lot about the foods you are preparing, how they benefit your health and leave our kitchen with a goodie – certainly not hungry.

Nutritional intervention in autoimmune diseases

Last year all started falling into place. Firstly building a multitude of good relationships in Germany and UK, followed by consecutive public talks thereafter. On my return to SA, I had the pleasure of attending an awe-inspiring conference: Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice. More than 100 like minded wholistic/ alternative health care professionals took part from all over South Africa, US and India!!! You can not imagine the immense reassurance I felt at being able to rely on a wealth of knowledge, expertise and willingness within countless professional experience of like-minded practitioners. Scientific back-up when the help of a specialist is needed is a necessity now confirmed without a doubt.
It seems like I have finally landed in SA and there is no stopping the avalanche of paradigm shifts (video in German though) within the medical establishment. I see governments changing their guidelines and medical aids adopt a more open-minded approach – after all, everyone has a wish open from Santa.
My personal focus has widened its goals and I want to tackle the bigger picture, train the trainers more and more to get help out there quicker. I am going to have a slot as part of the regular Thursday lectures for doctors and other healthcare professionals at the Christian Barnard Memory Hospital in January (Thur 24th Jan, 07:00): Nutritional Interventions in Autoimmune Diseases. Had to share that with you, am very proud of that one (thanks Nic).

Do. Or do not. There is no try. (Yoda)

While supposed to be Xmas shopping for others, the whole shopping thing turned in on me as usual. Diaries of all things. Not looking for one, but browsing through different kinds of diaries, one literally called out to me. An unusual choice for me, as this particular diary is of a rather big format and I am used to a smaller one to encrypt with my tiny hand writing. But this was Yoda speaking to me – giving me my motto for 2013: Do. Or do not. There is no try.

I certainly didn’t want to keep that piece of wisdom to myself. In case you want to share some nutritional wisdom or need a reminder yourself: “To go cold turkey there is no need.” (Chris), we have ThinkFood30 for you to share!

It’s all about patience in life

The call in-and-ou-ternet diversion I introduced forces the caller to be extremely patient. Although it has been ringing forever on your side, I only receive one tiny little ring on mine, just when you finally decide to hang up. Please try to always use my mobile number first (+27 74 1167 394) or send me an email which I will respond to as soon as I get a chance.

Character trees

Thank you all for your amazing feedback, excellent suggestions and continued support. Believe it or not, just sharing your big or small successes (bad pun, sorry, I couldn’t resist) more often than not makes my day.  A huge Thank You to Hanna, Ann and Rita, who always manage to not burst into tears when the Xmas tree arrives late afternoon on the 24th, just before dinner is ready.

Guten Appetit


ps. I will be off over the crazy days, returning in the 1st week of January, helping to resolutionize 2013

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