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Chocolate Affair

… and taste buds in love.

Jean-Pierre is probably the guy I adore most for his wonderful craft of being a chocolatier. You can see his love for chocolate in the presentation of his stall at the market and you will taste the finesse of subtle flavour selection in every piece of Fortain chocolate. But can you really appreciate it? Or do you find yourself gobbling away whole slabs of chocolate because it’s just so overwhelmingly tempting?

Saturday 19th (and 26th) January, 14:00 (after the Paleo Gourmet Session) at the Demo Kitchen

Join us for a true and sensuous Chocolate Affair at the V&A Market on the Wharf: Jean-Pierre and Chris will take you on quest to discover all your taste buds and senses, one at a time… slowly and cautiously in the beginning but wildly passionate in the end!

An honest love affair can not be bad for you, can it? So learning to love chocolate in moderation, being able to savour every bite, will reveal the true taste and benefits to you.

Take home a special treat for your liefie in exchange for your appreciation of chocolate.

Jean-Pierre established Fortain Chocolatier in South Africa in 2012. Jean-Pierre Fortain, third generation chocolatier, shares his knowledge and know-how, gathered at “De Groene Poort” baker and pastry school in Bruges, by teaching South Africans the art of making Belgian chocolates.

Looking forward to get messy with you 😉

Tell us about your Chocolate Affair on the ThinkFood FB page and you stand a chance to get a very special Nutty Treat from JP!

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