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How to get in touch with us

Think Food has joined forces with other Functional Medicine Practitioners at Atlantic Chiropractic and opened up a Functional Nutrition and BioResonance Practice in the heart of Sea Point:

The Point (Checkers Centre), Suite 307
76 Regent Rd
South Africa
+27 (21) 813 9559

info at

skype: lenzchristoph


To connect using the interwebs and social media channels you may share with:

Twitter squareShare your tweets with @ThinkFoodSA. Common hashtags I use are: #Paleo, #PaleoAIP (Paleo AutoimmuneProtocol), #LCHF (Low Carb High Fat), #ThinkFood, #Microbiome, #keto or #ketogenic, #BadPharma, #noGMO, and of course #LoveYourHood and #CapeTown, #OZCF (Oranjezigt City Farm), #bulletproof, #choccy, #chocolate, #CleanAir, #CannaMed, #MedicinalCannabis

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Google plus squareSee what’s happening in my google universe

Pinterest squareon Pinterest I mainly share and compile recipes

Linkedin squareand of course the LinkedIn profile in case you want to hire a responsible pharmacist that although he studied Drug Design in Düsseldorf – doesn’t happen to like drugs very much.

But an @Altbier once a year to bemoan another loss of Fortuna Düsseldorf will put my gut health to a test!