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Ess gezunt – the global fresh produce trend

Fowl, rabbit and duck will be available at MoW

Borough market is London’s oldest fresh produce market. You will find fresh game, fruit and veg here every Thursday to Saturday. Having been there you will notice where Greg Anderson got  the inspiration from: this charming market and it’s community spirit. Like London, we will have our own resident Cook Sista at the Market on the Wharf: Masterchef SA 2012 runner up Sue-Ann Allen.
Modena’s Mercato Coperto, not being Italy’s biggest market, but -being Modena – having the world’s best aged balsamic vinegar selection. We are curious what our local vineyards will have to offer and think the vinegars will go well with an olive oil tasting. Go to the Market on the Wharf website and subscribe to their newsletter to be the first to know as slot’s might be limited for these exclusive tasting events.

Caviar Schwarz Rot Gold

Yeliseyevsky… sounds russian to me! The czarist splendor with it’s crystal chandeliers and Art – a befitting home for delicacies like Siberian dumplings and countless different caviars. Being a pleb from the Platteland, I’d love to taste more than 7 little pearls on my Salmon Roses… who’s over there sometime soon?

Mercat de la Boqueria is probably Spain’s most Mediterranean market and you will find Barcelona’s top chefs up early in the morning picking shell fish, colourful game birds and pencil-thin asparagus for their menu. Like Boqueria the MoW will have it’s own cooking school. Have a look at our ThinkFood workshops that will make kids forget that they don’t like vegetables, teach your teenager how to eat healthy, and prove to you that carrots aren’t round. Look up our  timetables on and book now (8 entrants only!).

nom nom – a little lamb from Down Under

MoW’s compatriot in the southern hemisphere is Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market Not only will you find whole lamb sides and Tasmanian seafood, but you can easily see the influence on Australia’s kitchen while listening to an Asian vendor with an Aussie accent. They have cooking classes every Sunday. If you’re ever feeling homesick, go to Tribal Tastes and dig into their South African products: 100% natural, preservative free, gluten free, dairy free, low GI & sugar free. I would love to see some Kilishi (West African biltong look alike) offered at the Waterfront too!

Our green yardstick for real food should be the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Like Capetownians the citizens of San Francisco are rather health conscious and the Paleo avalanche was probably kicked loose in a little box (CrossFit gym) in Northern California: Robb and his team strike a balance between performance, health and longevity by integrating sound nutrition, smart training and the benefits of a community oriented fitness approach.
You can have a look at Robb Wolf‘s best selling book The Paleo Solution in MoW’s library of cook books.. you should actually just buy one to give to your dearest family member in need for a sustainable health solution – xmas is around the corner. Give me shout and I will join you on the market to compile a healthy food basket to go with it.

Having listed all these famous fresh produce markets, I need to mention Union Square Farmer’s Market in New York even though it still remains on my bucket list. The last and only time I’ve been in the Big Apple, I was still campaigning for Big Pharma at an advertising agency. The one instance in terms of food in NYC I hold in dear memory is Katz’s Deli. Not exactly Paleo – I know – but I would risk my gut going a little leaky anytime for one of their famous pastrami sandwiches… the bread/meat ratio being very favourable: Ess gezunt and add a pickle!

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