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Links to Paleo Websites and Blogs

The Paleo Mom—Sarah Ballantyne, PhD., is a and researcher and author of The Paleo Approach and The Paleo Approach Cookbook. Sarah is THE resource for all of the science behind the Autoimmune Protocol, how to do it properly, and why it works. While her books are incredible, her website contains an overwhelming amount of information for anyone looking to get started.

Chris Kresser—I used to call Chris “Der Arzt, dem die Frauen vertrauen.”. Chris is an integrative medical practitioner and author and covers health topics in an incredibly well researched way on his blog and podcast. Amongst the broad range of topics he covers are some topics especially relevant to a lot of women in my pracice (i.e. Hashimoto’s or pragnancy/ child health). What I like about him is his openness towards own experiences and other health paradigms.

Whole9 is the home of Melissa and Dallas Harwig. The couple not only authored It Starts with Food and The Whole30, but have created a wealth of information and the Whole30 program is one to really look up to. I personally like the Whole30 approach a lot, especially for people in desperate need of a lifestyle change, because it deals especially good with sugar and other cravings. The connected communities are among the biggest and most active in the Paleosphere.

The Perfect Health Diet—The website of Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet, the researchers and authors behind The Perfect Health Diet. Their blog has great discussions about what is going on in the community as well-as researched health articles.

Robb Wolf—Robb was my personal entry to the world of ancestral health in 2010. He is the author of The Paleo Solution, and has a site with some great articles and information, especially for those interested in success stories and fitness. I highly recommend his podcast too. Hearty laughs and my favourite Paleo politics can be heard here. My favourite quote: “I’m a macronutrient agnostic.”, Robb Wolf.

Autoimmune and Multiple Sclerosis relevant pages

The Wahls Foundation After being diagnosed with secondary progressive MS, Dr. Wahls restored her health using Functional Medicine. The Wahls Foundation aim is to educate the public and health-care practitioners about the benefits of an integrative approach to optimal health for those with multiple sclerosis and other chronic disease issues, emphasizing adoption of health behaviors. This integrative approach includes intensive directed nutrition, exercise, neuromuscular electrical stimulation and other health promoting behaviors. This is a great site for less pharma-biased information on multiple sclerosis (MS) compiled by families affected by the disease. Since its inception, Direct-MS has focused its research effort on the value of nutritional factors for affecting the MS disease process. Clinical trials involving the recommended nutritional strategies have been funded and completed. Ongoing clinical trials being funded by Direct-MS include the value of the Terry Wahls nutritional recommendations (University of Iowa) and the effect of vitamin D on inflammatory markers (University of Toronto).

Autoimmune Protocol-Specific Recipe Blogs

The Paleo Mom—Sarah Ballantyne’s blog, where she shares delicious, family-friendly recipes (look for the AIP tag!).
A Clean Plate—A recipe blog by Christina Feindel, featuring bright and fresh allergen-free recipes.
Phoenix Helix—Eileen Laird shares some great AIP recipes on her blog, along with many round-ups. Look for her Weekly AIP Recipe Roundtable for some great inspiration!
Alt-Ternative Autoimmune—Angie Alt has many great recipes on her site, and one of the best resources she offers are her AIP holiday meal plans.
Nutrisclerosis—Whitney Ross Gray has great recipes that are compliant for AIP and the Perfect Health Diet.
A Squirrel in the Kitchen
The Paleo PI
The Bacon Mum
Healing Family Eats
–AIP and SCD

Hashimoto’s Thyreoditis Resources

Dr. Kharrazian—I consider Dr. K an instance on the topic of thyroid disease. He is the author of Why Do I Still Have Symptoms When My Lab Tests Are Normal and Why Isn’t My Brain Working?. His blog has some great content on naturally treating thyroid disease.

Chris Kressers covers a lot on thyroid disorders on his blog. I highly recommend his ebook and of course his advice to go paleo!
Hashimoto’s Healing—Insights from a functional medicine practitioner: Marc Ryan is also a Hashimoto’s sufferer who writes about the treatment of autoimmune thyroid disease and has a vast amount of research collated.
Thyroid Pharmacist—Funny how the people knowing about conventional drugs tend to look at alternative treatments… Izabella Wentz, a Hashimoto’s patient and pharmacist, is the author of The Root Cause. She writes about managing Hashimoto’s on her blog.
Stop The Thyroid Madness—This is a patient advocacy website that has some great resources for reading your own labs, finding a good doctor, and other issues pertinent to thyroid disease sufferers.

Gut Health, Human Microbiome & Fecal Transplants

The Human Microbiome Project: The NIH Common Fund Human Microbiome Project (HMP) was established in 2008, with the mission of generating resources that would enable the comprehensive characterization of the human microbiome and analysis of its role in human health and disease. sequences the microbiome for citizen scientists, researchers, and clinicians, using microbial genomics to help patients benefit from new discoveries in scientific research. uBiome conducts research studies on the microbiome and develops clinical diagnostics based on microbiome research. is a nonprofit stool bank dedicated to expanding safe access to fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) therapies. Founded by a team of microbiologists, public health advocates, and concerned citizens, OpenBiome aims to significantly reduce the practical barriers for clinicians providing FMTs, while connecting scientists across studies and disciplines.