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Nutritional Interventions in Autoimmune Diseases

I was looking forward to this talk for quite a while now. It has been postponed twice during the last year until it was finally been set to happen today. Funnily it fell onto the same day that I embarked on a whole new journey, becoming a student of Integrative Medicine and meeting my tutors and fellow students this morning… quite an awkward feeling – sitting in a classroom again, I can tell you, and a day full of humble flash-backs, insightful visions and profound encounters with like minded people, promising to share eclectic knowledge with one another. Surely this blog will see more content sparked by the idea of a greater picture of health and healing.

Today I will stick to loading up the slides from the talk about Nutritional Interventions in Autoimmune Diseases this morning. I was invited by Dr Otto Thaning on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital Academic Programme. Every Thursday morning healthcare professionals attend CME talks in the hospitals staff canteen with an amazing variety of quality speakers of all specialties. Please contact Otto Thaning directly to receive more information or to be put on the mailing list.

The talk focused on “Nutritional Interventions in Autoimmune Diseases (AD)”, the subject being hotly debated and fast progressions taking place. Established guidelines incorporate these findings increasingly as the topic gains prominence in disease prevention/ modification and are of interest to any healthcare professional.

The presentation includes:
– A brief overview of the prevalence and cost of AD,
– Problems with current treatment approaches,
– A short overview of the genesis of AD
– The role our environment (incl. our food) plays
– Finally a solution suggesting an oligoantigenic elimination diet
– A “Paleo Autoimmune Protocol” is proposed and some clinical practice insights are given.

Thanks very much to everybody who attended the talk. I am looking forward to receive your questions, concerns and feedback!

Please let me know should you be interested in any of the topics mentioned in this presentation or anywhere else on this blog. I am happy to speak and engage with any group and regularly speak to healthcare professionals, corporates, special interest groups and the lay public.

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