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Functional Medicine Doctors

Dr James Laporta is a functional and integrative doctor and very knowledgeable in Chinese medicine, traditional and herbal treatments in psychotherapy and integrative oncology – making use of the Best of both worlds: East and West, always tailored to the patients needs.

Dr Frieda Badenhorst, is a very thorough and forward thinking integrative medicine practitioner which I got to know when she tutored our Integrative Medicine Course at University of Stellenbosch. Challenged by the desire to meet the needs of her patients she continues studying and challenges believes. In her practice she uses Functional Medicine, Homotoxicology/ Bio-regulatory medicine, Bio puncture, Biofeedback and Energy Medicine.

Dr Nichola Buchan, is my trusted integrative and functional medicine practitioner who knows about hormonal health, the thyroid, adrenal insufficincy, sex hormones, chronic fatigue, and bioidentical hormone therapy.

Dr David Nye is a down-to-earth kind of general practitioner, homeopath and acupuncturist. David is truly one of the leading integrative practitioners, who has co-written and lectured the fine curriculum of Integrative Medicine at Universities of Stellenbosch and the Western Cape.

Dr Louise Lindenberg is a general and integrative medical practitioner. Louise is my go-to-source in the field of developmental difficulties in children including autism, AD(H)D and others. Louise knows about the importance of diet and how positively the avoidance of certain allergens and intoxicants is for these children. Lousie shares her rooms and her approach to whole persons (although sometimes still little) health with:

Dr Helen Muir, one of our finest Integrative Oncology practitioners in the country.

Dr Raoul Goldberg runs an integrative GP family practice since 1983  where he participates actively with his patients in a way best described as Participatory Medicine. Dr Goldberg involves psycho therapy work to explore the deeper causes of chronic illness.